7th International

Phytoessence& Phytotherapy Congress

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June 18th

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Time Session Presenter Titles of presentations for Monday 18 June 2018
08:00 Registration and Breakfast
09:00 Opening Remarks Ronan Murphy Dublin City University: Skin Care Research Center
09:10 Brian Fitzgerald State of innovation in Ireland
09:20 Jalal Ghaemghami Health, Beauty and Science
09:30 Lectures Patrick Van Damme Developing  Global Medicinal Plant Markets
10:00 Lyle Craker History and Medicinal Properties of Marijuana
10:30 Coffee Break
11:00 The Marine – Innovative Natural Ingredient and Concepts Ronan Murphy Marine Mineral Research and Skincare Applications
11:25 Ivan Milovanovic Marine by-products as a source of ingredients in food and “beauty from within” products
11:50 Brian Fitzpatrick Commercial Applications
12:15 Aoife Morrin Accessing skin physiology using wearable platforms
12:35 Mauro Bleve Advanced Research and Innovation in Cosmetics for mass Market: dream or reality?
13:00 Lunch
14:00 Sustainable Formulation Practices Iguatemi Costa Sustainable Practices as a Market Force
14:30 Barbara Olioso The Journey of Sustainable Cosmetics
15:00 Meryem Benohoud Value Extraction from Food Waste
15:30 Andrea Mitarotonda Formulation of Natural & Organic Certified Cosmetic Products: paradox or opportunity?
16:00 Diogo Baltazar Comparative Evaluation of a Range of Natural Gums as Rheological Modifiers in Cosmetic Emulsions
16:30 Networking Break Meet the Presenters of Posters
17:00 Panel Moderator:
Iguatemi Costa
Andrea Mitarotonda
Barbara Olioso
Mauro Bleve
Challenges & Paradoxes of Natural Formulation
17:30 Mégane Traversier Rapid Identification of the New Sesquiterpenes in a Mixture and Biological Screening for Phytocosmetics
18:00 Announcements International Society for Phytocosmetic Science

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June 19th

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Time Session Presenter Titles of presentations for Tuesday 19 June 2018
08:30 Keynote Lyle Craker $30 Billion Medical Marijuana Industry
09:15 Announcements Ufuk Koca-Caliskan Next Year at IPPC-Turkey (Q&A)
09:30 Natural Ingredients and Products Barbara Brockway Traceability of Natural Ingredients: Making Blockchain Radical Transparency Real
10:00 Andrea Mitarotonda A Novel Extract of Boswellia Sacra Gum Resin Delivers Benefits for Better Ageing
10:30 Coffee Break
11:00 Panel: Mojgan Moddaresi Deirdre Buckley
Stephen Kirk
Safety and Natural Ingredients in Cosmetics
12:15 Panel: Andrea Mitarotonda Denzel Phillips
Barbara Brockway
Traceability of Raw Material
13:00 Lunch
Posters Nahid Amini  Potent and multifunctional cosmetic active ingredient from Harpagophytum procumbens plant stem cell extract
Ilaria Burlini New extraction procedure for the release of bound phenolics from cereal by-products value chain coupling sonication and alkaline hydrolysis
14:00 Horticulture & Natural Products

Oral Presentations

Ufuk Koca-Caliskan Pharmacognosy and Phytotherapy
14:30 Nativ Dudai MAP Development: Using Biodiversity to Achieve Optimal Uniformity
15:00 Ana Valle Alternative in Silico Methods for the Study of Phytochemicals:
An Approach in Guatemala
15:30 Denzil Phillips Africa: botanical paradise or procurement nightmare?
16:00 Sabih Akram Enhancing hair growth with phytoactives
16:30 Ross Campbell Seaweed – innovative opportunities for food texture, health & wellbeing
17:00 Networking & Coffee Break Meet the Presenters

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June 20th

The third day of the event at the 


A premier scientific institution, the gardens also contain the National Herbarium and several historic wrought iron glasshouses. IPPC-Ireland 2018 participants are invited to visit the Gardens and will be accompanied by the local scientists. More information will be available the day of the event, ask your questions via email at Ireland2018@phytoessence.org

Located just 3 km from Dublin city center, the National Botanic Gardens are an oasis of calm and beauty, and entry is free.

 Download PDF program here.